Master of Business Administration, commonly called MBA, is one of the most coveted and prestigious school qualifications in India. Earlier, most MBA degree holders in India were ascribed from American universities.
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However, the scenario has distorted beyond the last seven decades. Nowadays, MBA courses in India are realizable, including in cold parts of the country, thanks to online MBA courses and isolate education.

List of Various types of MBA Courses

The best types of MBA courses in India are user-approachable from all the summit B-Schools we reference above.

Here, we pay for MBA course details of each specialization.

Here are the top MBA courses list and the herald of colleges are along with unqualified.

Decision Sciences

MBA subjects in Decision Sciences will sustain occurring you to make indispensable decisions for your company to solve anticipated and unexpected problems that arise in companies.

You will learn vary models and techniques used for decision making and troubleshooting.

Additionally, you will as well as get knowledge approximately various theories and best practices that go into making vital decisions at corporate levels, in various industries across the world.

An MBA in Decision Sciences is contiguously at IIM.

Economics & Social Sciences

With an MBA in Economics and Social Sciences from IIM, you will learn MBA subjects including macroeconomics behind a focus in checking account to trade, International Finance, International Monetary Economics, Monetary Policy, Economic Growth and related fields.

You will with war-deed concerning issues linked to press on economics considering Agriculture, Education, Labor, Environmental Economics, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Gender, together together along as well as others.


As a student of IIM MBA in Entrepreneurship, your courses will lid research that spans a broad range of university perspectives in entrepreneurship, research methods and tools, and specific MBA subjects covering oscillate contexts in which the entrepreneurship phenomenon is observed and sprightly.

Coursework includes courses from related disciplines subsequent to economics, strategy and organizational theory.

Finance & Accounting

Key fields of psychiatry for the MBA in Finance & Accounting at IIM includes: Corporate Finance, Tax Havens and Illicit Funds, Financial Management of Non-Corporate Sector, Asset Pricing, Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Derivatives, Financial Accounting, Financial Institutions and Services, Banking, Insurance and Pension, Market Microstructure, Risk Management, Cost Management and Valuation, in the company of others.

Information Systems

Subjects in MBA for Information Systems at IIM colleague happening: Impact of recommendation systems in managerial decision-making and psychiatry of the higher role of Information Technology in swap have an effect on segments, IT and Impact upon Business Models & Organizations.

It moreover includes studies and research in IT Strategies for Business Process, Re-engineering, Managing Globally Distributed Services, Global IT Outsourcing, ICT enabled Relocation of Jobs, E-Governance and ICT for Development, together as well as others.


IIMs MBA Marketing specializes in: Business to Business Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Product Management/Brand Management, Marketing Decision Models, Competitive Marketing Strategy, Services Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management and Retailing, in addition to others.

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
Topics covered in IIMs MBA in Organizational Behavior and HR Management complement: Personal Growth, Achieving Competitive Edge through People, Human Resources Management in High-tech Organizations and SMEs.

Specialized courses are moreover offered in Organizational Theory, Philosophy of Science, Organizational Behavior, Positive Psychology, Behavioral Decision Making and Human Resources Management.

Production & Operations Management

Subjects in MBA for this course IIM MBA in Production and Operations Management append: Sustainable Operations, Cellular Manufacturing, IT Services and Electronic Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), JIT Operations.

Further courses are possible in Optimization Theory & Mathematical Programming, Stochastic Models, Advanced Production Planning and Management, Revenue Management, Empirical Models in OM, Advanced Operations & Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing.

Hospitality & Tourism Management

The MBA Hospitality & Tourism Management is a generally a two-year MBA course offered in India by private and depth B-Schools.

It will in the to the front happening you enter Indias full of beans hospitality and tourism industry, which is the largest in the world. This MBA will enable you to produce skills including analysis and impact of global issues facing hospitality industry.

Effect of active environments for hospitality and tourism facilities providers, reaction towards swing cultures, global issues and news, opportunities for matter enhancement, strategic planning and coordination once added dispel providers in the sector.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

With India lagging following in logistics and supply chains, there is an urgent way for MBAs in this sports ground.

Study topics colleague occurring basics of logistics and supply chains, cool chains, e-commerce, expose, sea, home and rail freight paperwork, needs of E-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing, retail and agricultural sectors.

Food & Agriculture Business Management

The Post Graduate Program in Food and Agriculture Business Management offered by Indias leading B-School, IIM Ahmedabad, ranks as the best MBA in the world of its handy past several consecutive years.

It aims at developing juvenile women and men into gifted professional managers for the agriculture, food, agri-issue, rural and similar sectors, says the IIM Ahmedabad website.

The program equips participants as soon as knowledge, skills, and attitudes for decision making and implementation in agribusiness.